Item (type Switch) with polarity reversed?

I’m using MCO MH7H thermostat via z-wave binding to control heating but it seems like the polarity of the switch is reversed. (I’m trying to use switch through OpenHAB UI)

How can I fix it?

Operating state is correct… it is physically heating.

Do not have the device, but pulled up the manual and found this;

Note: This device supports 4 kinds of modes in Z-Wave: Off mode; Heating mode (Manual); 
Energy Saving heating mode (Auto) ; Away heating mode (Vacation). 
Users can set these 4 modes via COMMAND_CLASS_THERMOSTAT_MODE. And 
COMMAND_CLASS_BASIC can switch among Heating mode & Energy saving heating mode.

If I read correctly, OFF means manual ON (will run forever?) and ON means it is running your program with setpoints. When you turn ON the room temperature and setpoint setting may not warrant heating? Just a thought.


Thanks. That could be a workaround. I can’t set Setpoint (heating) to a particular number through OpenHab UI, should it work?

I feel like using Heating state would be cleaner solution (and works through UI out of the box) but reversing the switch is probably too difficult. I’m not sure if anyone has done this?

Yes. I don’t see how this device could work without a setpoint. Have you linked the setpoint channel to an item. Should be a number temperature item. Also since I set this up back on OH2, I don’t know if you can directly make the item a “setpoint” or whether you will also need to make a label card like this

        - component: oh-stepper-card
            footer: =items.MainThermostat14_SensorTemperature.state
            item: MainThermostat14_SetpointHeating
            max: 70
            min: 62
            small: false
            step: 1
            title: Main Thermostat Setpoint Heating