Item visibility based on item status

Dear community!

I want to hide some item if it is empty (sitemap shows only a “-” character, eg.: Kodi album, artist, etc…)

Default item=KodiMediacenter_Artist visibility=[KodiMediacenter_Artist != ""]
Default item=KodiMediacenter_Album visibility=[KodiMediacenter_Album!= ""]

However it wouldn’t want to hide this item if it is empty. What am I missing?


Sorry but what is the difference between:


Sorry, it was misunderstanding, I have updated the first post.
I want to hide it if it is empty.

<img src="{{itemValue('Pi3_Kodi_THUMBNAIL')}}" ng-if="itemValue(Pi3_Kodi_TITLE)!='UNDEF'"></img>

Something like this maybe? Nothing will appear when the value is UNDEF.

Try that

visibility=[KodiMediacenter_Album!= "",KodiMediacenter_Album!=UNDEF,KodiMediacenter_Album!=NULL]

But I don’t think it will work.
Shot in the dark

It will work. Checking against UNDEF will be sufficient.

Default item=KodiMediacenter_Album visibility=[KodiMediacenter_Album!=UNDEF]
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Thanks! Good to know