Item visibility within a group

I have 20 items that I update with power usage values, which I also run through a rule to sort them in order.
I am adding things all the time and at the moment I add the next item to the same group and add the item to the rule and done.

On the sitemap i have am displaying the group.

I would now like to only show items that have a value > 0 but would prefer not to have each item listed in the sitemap.

Is this possible or do I need to show each sitemap to get the conditional visibility?

No. You have no control over what and how things get displayed on the sitemap when using Groups.

Well, not strictly “no”. You could write a Rule and add and remove Items to/from the Group dynamically so the Group you put on the sitemap only contains those Items that are > 0. You would probably need a separate Group for the sitemap.

I’ve not done this myself and don’t know the calls off the top of my head. But I know it is possible and if you search the forum for “Dynamic Groups” or something like that I bet you will find how to do it.

Thanks Rich, I think it might be easier to just add em in and use normal visibility syntax on the sitemap but good to know it wasnt something I had missed that was easy.