Item with autoupdate=false not getting updated by postUpdate()

Hello all,

I have an item which I dont want to have autoupdate=true on for various reasons. As I understand this should be easy, all I have to do it turn autoupdate off by adding autoupdate=false on the item, then add a rule to update it when it receives commands.
However when I call postUpdate on the item nothing happens. If I turn autoupdate=true the same rule does indeed update the item so the rule is fine. (I am sure it is my update from the rule and not the autoupdate, I update to a hard coded value).

Anyway the question is, is this a bug? Shouldnt I be able to use postUpdate() on an item with autoupdate=false? Isn’t that the whole point? Is this by design?

I know I can update an item with autoupdate=false inside a binding using updateState() but I want to do this in a rule, not change the code of the binding of the item.


You might show your Item definition and the Rule in question.

What you describe works happily for me, albeit in OH 1