Item with hysteresis profile and unit

Hi together,

I try out usinjg profiles to map my rollershutter position to on/off switch item.
Therefore I define the item as follows:

Switch           ShellyEGGaesteWCRolloClosed3                           "(Teil-)geschlossen neu"                                 <blinds>         (gShellyEGGaesteWCRollo)                      ["OpenState","Opening"]    {channel="shelly:shelly25-roller:e8db84aa8062:roller#rollerpos"[profile="system:hysteresis", lower="0 %", upper="1 %"],listWidget="oh-label-item", stateDescription=""[options="ON=Unten,OFF=Oben"]}

Not sure about the values and if I need to invert yet but I get an error telling me:

Received a QuantityType '4 %' with unit, but the boundaries are defined as a plain number without units (lower=0, upper=0), please consider adding units to them.

This does not make sense for me at all. I use OH 3.4.1 with shelly binding 3.4.2 beta manually installed.
Documentation I checked also include examples with units.

Any hint?

You might need to double the percent signs to %% same as you would for a label. if that doesn’t work, I don’t know what you’d need to do. I don’t use .items files anymore.

Thanks for the idea, does not work as well with same error.

It is very similar to the example from the official documentation, hence this is quite unexpected.

I changed back from Shelly beta binding 3.4.2 to stable 3.4.1 => maybe this caused the error which does not show up again at all at any time now.

My issue now is the hysteresis does not behave as expected.
I have a channel I also use testwise to visualize “ShellyEGGaesteWCRolloRollerposInverted2”.
This value is between 0 and 100 without units according to the log. I want to map everything from 0 (totally closed) to 99 (almost complexly opened) to an switch with state ON and if the value is 100 to switch state OFF.

Therefor I expect [profile=“system:hysteresis”, lower=100] using the same channel as the Dimmer item above is the right approach. Unfortunately now if the value is 0 it is ON and else OFF. Inverted does not do anything by the way.

Am I thinking wringly?