Item works on Homekit but not on Alexa

Hi there,
I’m trying to control my Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner via Alexa.
I got the vacuum control set up via PaperUI and Habmin and created a rule which sends the “clean” command to the vacuum if my “activation item” gets the “on” command.
This works perfectly through homekit.
The problem is, Alexa won’t find my vacuum switch at all.
I’m connected with openhabcloud and activated the skill but it simply won’t show up.
I added the Switchable tag via REST API and I think if it works with homekit the tag cannot be the problem, am I right?
Thanks for your help

the new binding update dont needs a rule anymore… i just create a simple Switch item :slight_smile: works like a charm :slight_smile:

Switch actionVacuum 	"Optimus Prime"  (gVac)	[ "Switchable" ]{channel="miio:vacuum:03D88748:actions#vacuum" } 
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Thanks, that makes it easier but won’t solve the Alexa problem :confused:

I can’t figure out why but it’s working now :grin:

last time i disconnect the openhab skill with alexa and restart my openhab system then everything works fine again! maybe a try?