Items and sitemap tutorial

can someone please point me to a good resource. I have looked at the github but not able to translate them into practice.


Best advice start small think big. As far as i know there is no tutorial and the best way is to solve small problems like “I like to see the outsinde Temperature” and the to start. I Assume that the very basics are given what is a sitemap, what is an items file.

As far as i remeber there are some videos that may be help.


that is what I am starting to do. just got an rgbw controller, which worked well because i was able to modify some examples that i found. now i have an ecolink garage door sensor but having trouble with it.

please see the following thread.

The path that I and it seems most people follow is to use a combination of the demo configuration, the wiki (, and the examples.

The Items and Sitemap pages in the wiki have a good discussion of the over all syntax and how they work. The demo is pretty comprehensive in showing how Items and sitemaps interact. A lot of people start with the demo and make small changes there at first.

Finally, each Item binding is different so be sure to review the wiki page for the binding you are using. These pages almost always have a detailed discussion of how it works with examples and description of the options.

Thanks guys, i think the biggest mistake i made was to delete the demo config and start to work on my actual config file.

have realized the error of my ways and now using the demo and tutorials as a guide.

thanks again.

I actually did the same thing, starting from scratch, but I kept the demo around and to this day I will look back at it sometimes to figure something out, particularly if I need to figure diverging it with the sitemap.

There is no good documentation on OpenHAB. I have looked. Your best bet is to review the demo, review the wiki, then review the wiki again. Also, try the demo and try from zero (without demo).

Its a lot of trial and error.

There are a few blog posts I have found that helped, but 90% of them talk about installing it which in my opinion is really dumb because that’s the easy part. You could probably install it without documentation.

My two cents is a bit of a combination of both approaches:

1/ use the demo as a starting point, start small and simple, build up
2/ trash the demo, start small and simple, build up

The reason for this is that there are certain things in the demo config that can hang you up and will complicate your troubleshooting as they will not be pointing at your actual problem. For example, the demo version I used had a problem with the weather feed stuff (either translation related, or missing HTTP binding)… then there are rule exec problems, sitemaps, etc. if you start to remove unused things from your items files for example.

I ended up running my light config, and consulting back to the demo files while I was getting things setup.

Thanks guys. Am using that approach now. Working well so far.