Items and StateDescriptions in Main UI Cards

i am trying to add values of items into the subtitle and footer lines of cards.

Adding a simple item value works fine with…


… but:

  1. I dont know how to add additional text to the line (before and/or after the item value). I tried different ways, but when i add text the item value isnt shown anymore.
  2. The named item is a number. I mapped a description to the values with meta data stateDescription, but the description is not shown - just the number.
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Question 2 i could already solve by myself: With .displayState`the stateDescription is shown.

But i still stuck with question 1.

You can concatenate Texts like this: „Text“ + youritem + „textagain“

Hope this helps?


Thank you, but this i tried already without success:

"Text" + =items.HM_WZ_Heizung_Humidity.state + "Text"
"Text" + items.HM_WZ_Heizung_Humidity.state + "Text"
"Text" + HM_WZ_Heizung_Humidity.state + "Text"


=“Text” + items.HM_WZ_Heizung_Humidity.state + “Text”

Thanks, but:

I finally got it:

= "Luftfeuchtigkeit " + items.HM_WZ_Heizung_Humidity.displayState



Just found out that Text can also contain emoji - how cool is that?

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