Items are not showing in


I hope your day is going well. I need your help. I got an issue with the discoverability of the items in
My status is online but no items are showing up.
What I already did:
I set up the integration using recommendation
I defined all the items through the text .items file
Set up Configuration->Services->IO->openHAB Cloud
The item added via Generic MQTT Thing, Mosquito MQTT broker discover and control the item but it is not showing up in the service.
Please provide some advice or guidance on how to synchronize my items with cloud

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As far as I know they have not re-enabled items & IFTTT for due to server load issues crashing it.
The only workaround of which I am aware is to set up your own version of it, usually hosted with a service provider. There are many threads here about how to do that.

How are you planning to use the cloud service?