Items configured won't disappear


I have noticed when playing around with openHAB2 and especially with mqtt-binding that when configuration is altered to demo.items it appears in Basic UI but save, change, save can make duplicates and also impossible to remove.

So it seems to mess up configuration in some way.

I had from demo.items

Switch Light_C_Workshop             "Workshop"      (gC, Lights)

The made a copy of that line but changed item name but not label (and added MQTT stuff) saved:

Switch sw_test_ws             "Workshop"      (gC, Lights) 	{mqtt=">[rabbitmq:/ESP_Easy_01/GPIO/2:COMMAND:ON:0],>[rabbitmq:/ESP_Easy_01/GPIO/2:COMMAND:OFF:1],<[rabbitmq:/ESP_Easy_01/GPIO/2:state:default]"}

So now I have two switches with label “Workshop” working independently so change the label as below and saved:

Switch sw_test_ws             "Workshop2"      (gC, Lights) 	{mqtt=">[rabbitmq:/ESP_Easy_01/GPIO/2:COMMAND:ON:0],>[rabbitmq:/ESP_Easy_01/GPIO/2:COMMAND:OFF:1],<[rabbitmq:/ESP_Easy_01/GPIO/2:state:default]"}

Now I have one “Workshop” and two “Workshop2” where “Workshop2” switches are connected; meaning if I click one also the other get triggered.

Removing the complete line with “Workshop2” and save; then I still have two switches but with label “sw_test_ws” (as it was named) and also only partly connected (clicking on one means correct behavior but clicking the other it just trigger the other one not itself.
And also impossible to get this config removed.

Another thing I noticed when playing around with mqtt-eventbus to send all outbound events on MQTT. Configured it in runtime.cfg and that somewhat resulted in flooding MQTT (openHAB not keeping up) and impossible to remove it…only reset the whole userdata folder

Seems to be a bug(s) somewhere… MQTT binding (as it is 1.9.0-SNAPSHOT) or openHAB core…I don’t know

It seems not to be anything with MQTT binding.

Added a z-wave item to demo.items

Switch FGWPE_Switch         "Terrace3"       (Garden, Lights) {channel="zwave:device:68134f12:node4:switch_binary"}

Every time I change name or label a new item shows up and removing the item leave many items behind…

I’m not sure if this of help, but items that show up multiple times in my basic UI are gone, cleaned up, after a restart of OH2.

Thanks, that helped.