Items defined as Dimmer are shown as Switch in Ui


Since Somme days - idnk exactly since when.
All my dimmer items are shown as on/off switch .

Is this topic somehow known ?

Shown in what? MainUI? Sitemaps? HABPanel? If MainUI, where in MainUI? Overview tabs? Model? Items page?

What version of OH?



Version = openHAB 3.4.0

In every case the item istself is shown as switch only.


Dimmer Licht_OG_Schlafzimmer "Licht Schlafzimmer" <light>  (gSZ_Light, gLicht) ["Switch", "Light"]  
Dimmer Licht_Wohnzimmer_Licht	"Licht Wohnzimmer" <light>	(gLicht, gWZ_Light)  ["Switch", "Light"]

I guess I need to give the tag Dimmer instead of Switch. But this was working in all other releases before.
Idnk if there was a change howerver I did not change my item files

Semantically you’ve defined it as a Switch so MainUI is going to default to a switch toggle widget to represent it. Change the tag to something else (I’d choose “Setpoint” since that’s what a Dimmer is) and it will default to some other widget (a slider for a “Setpoint”).

Dimmer is not a valid semantic model tag. You’ve effectively take those Items out of the semantic model.

Previous versions were not using the information in the semantic model to choose an appropriate default widget.

When/if the default widget isn’t what you want, you can set “default X widget” metadata on the Item to define what ever custom widget you want it to use. In cards like you see on the MainUI overview pages you would set the “default list item widget” and for the widget you see at the top of the Item’s page set the “default stand alone widget”.

Many Thanks its clear now