Items disappear the reappear after openhanded reboot

After openhab startup my homekit devices appear in the Home app and all works as expected. I configure the scenes and rooms in the Home app.

After i reboot openhab (50% of the time) all the items disappear from the Home app and then reappear. I then have to reconfigure the scenes and rooms inside the Home app.

If I watch the Home app during reboot the “openhab bridge” briefly says “Not Supported” before Items are removed and then re-added. Sometimes immediately and other time after a second reboot of openhab.

228 | Active | 80 | | HomeKit Integration

Item Config:

 Switch eventArriveHome01 "Arriving Home Event" [ "Switchable"] { autoupdate="false" }

I create a rule for the event in openhab that actually sets up the event. I only use triggers from homekit

Any advice will be great and Thank you in advance!

Kind Regards