Items do not apear in openhab Cloud and those that appear are not found by alexa

I use openhabian stable 2.3.0-1
opnHABCloud and alexa are linked.
Some items appear in openhabCloud, but not all.

Some are added from time to time automatically. Does it take a number of hours to sync openhab -> openHAB Cloud -> Alexa?

EG_Kueche_L24_Ein_Aus ON Today at 10:43 AM
EG_Kueche_Temperatur 23.8 Today at 11:17 AM
EG_Wohnzimmer_Temperatur 23.7 Today at 11:40 AM

Those items are not found by alexa.
My other items are not found by openHab Cloud, altough the export link of my openhabian pi shows way more items.

In addition, the following error is shown regularly:
[WARN ] [okhttp3.OkHttpClient ] - A connection to was leaked. Did you forget to close a response body?

It seems that you exposed yout items to myopenhab, which is not needed.
All you need for using Alexa in combination with Alexa is a correct tagging.
Please post your item definition.

i followed

when I try to add tags to my items in visual studio, it shows syntax errors. a community post stated that the tagging was obsolete… -> [Solved] Alexa won't find any items

i use knx 2.0:

Switch EG_Kueche_L24_Ein_Aus “Deckenlicht” <light> (Kueche) {channel=“knx:device:bridge:EG_Kueche:EG_Kueche_L24_ein_aus”}

Tagging is not obsolete!
Exposing the items to is obsolete.

So your item definition should look like:

Switch EG_Kueche_L24_Ein_Aus “Deckenlicht” <light> (Kueche) ["Lighting"] {channel=“knx:device:bridge:EG_Kueche:EG_Kueche_L24_ein_aus”}

If the alexa app still cannot find devices, try “Alexa, find devices” or “Alexa, suche nach Geräten”.
After that, all my items are available and also listed in the alexa app.

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