Items file and groups

raspberry pi 3 B+_

  • openHAB version: 1.4.1

I have used the Home Builder page to create my basic config and then tweaked it in an editor. Where I have added additional lights to a room I have simply changed the value in the first column by adding a 1,2,3 suffix and of course changing the channel entry. Everything works and looks ok except at the bottom of the default page I see two item groups for Lights and Switches. In the lights section I only see those rooms which have 1 light and none of the ones which I manually edited 1,2,3. In the switches group I don’t see any values as I renamed the default switch in the garage and duplicated it so I have Garage switch 1 and 2 etc.

Looking at the syntax of the file I cannot see any obvious typo’s.

Here it my items file.

Group    Home                     "Our Home"         <house>

Group    GF                       "Ground Floor"     <groundfloor>      (Home)
Group    FF                       "First Floor"      <firstfloor>       (Home)

Group    GF_Hallway               "Hallway"          <corridor>         (Home, GF)
Group    GF_LivingRoom            "Living Room"      <sofa>             (Home, GF)
Group    GF_Lounge                "Lounge"           <sofa>             (Home, GF)
Group    GF_Patio                 "Patio"            <terrace>          (Home, GF)
Group    GF_Studio                "Studio"           <pantry>           (Home, GF)
Group    GF_Garage                "Garage"           <garage>           (Home, GF)
Group    GF_Toilet                "Toilet"           <toilet>           (Home, GF)
Group    GF_Kitchen               "Kitchen"          <kitchen>          (Home, GF)
Group    GF_LaundryRoom           "Laundry Room"     <washingmachine>   (Home, GF)
Group    FF_MasterBedroom         "Master Bedroom"   <bedroom_red>      (Home, FF)
Group    FF_Bedroom               "Bedroom"          <bedroom>          (Home, FF)
Group    FF_Corridor              "Corridor"         <corridor>         (Home, FF)
Group    FF_Office                "Office"           <office>           (Home, FF)
Group    FF_Attic                 "Attic"            <attic>            (Home, FF)

Switch   GF_Hallway_Light1        "Light"            <light>            (GF_Hallway, gLight)            {channel="hue:0220:0017887bd52c:10:brightness"}
Switch   GF_Hallway_Light2        "Light"            <light>            (GF_Hallway, gLight)            {channel="hue:0220:0017887bd52c:11:brightness"}
Switch   GF_LivingRoom_Light1     "Light"            <light>            (GF_LivingRoom, gLight)         {channel="hue:0220:0017887bd52c:3:brightness"}
Switch   GF_LivingRoom_Light2     "Light"            <light>            (GF_LivingRoom, gLight)         {channel="hue:0220:0017887bd52c:6:brightness"}
Switch   GF_Lounge_Light          "Light"            <light>            (GF_Lounge, gLight)             {channel="hue:0220:0017887bd52c:15:brightness"}
Switch   GF_Patio_Light           "Light"            <light>            (GF_Patio, gLight)              {channel="hue:0100:0017887bd52c:1:brightness"}
Switch   GF_Studio_Light          "Light"            <light>            (GF_Studio, gLight)             {channel="hue:0220:0017887bd52c:7:brightness"}
Switch   GF_Garage_Power1         "Power Outlet"     <poweroutlet>      (GF_Garage, gPower)             {channel="tplinksmarthome:hs100:85827E:switch"}
Switch   GF_Garage_Power2         "Power Outlet"     <poweroutlet>      (GF_Garage, gPower)             {channel="tplinksmarthome:hs100:8D96E7:switch"}
Switch   FF_MasterBedroom_Light1  "Light"            <light>            (FF_MasterBedroom, gLight)      {channel="hue:0220:0017887bd52c:5:brightness"}
Switch   FF_MasterBedroom_Light2  "Light"            <light>            (FF_MasterBedroom, gLight)      {channel="hue:0220:0017887bd52c:4:brightness"}
Switch   FF_MasterBedroom_Light3  "Light"            <light>            (FF_MasterBedroom, gLight)      {channel="hue:0220:0017887bd52c:2:brightness"}
Switch   FF_Bedroom_Light         "Light"            <light>            (FF_Bedroom, gLight)            {channel="hue:0220:0017887bd52c:13:brightness"}

Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF)   gLight   "Light"          <light>         (Home)
Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF)   gPower   "Power Outlet"   <poweroutlet>   (Home)

You need to edit the sitemap

Group    Home                     "Our Home"         <house>
Group    GF                       "Ground Floor"     <groundfloor>      (Home)
Group    FF                       "First Floor"      <firstfloor>       (Home)
Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF) gLight   "Light"            <light>            (Home)
Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF) gPower   "Power Outlet"     <poweroutlet>      (Home)

Group    GF_Hallway               "Hallway"          <corridor>         (GF)
Group    GF_LivingRoom            "Living Room"      <sofa>             (GF)
Group    GF_Lounge                "Lounge"           <sofa>             (GF)
Group    GF_Patio                 "Patio"            <terrace>          (GF)
Group    GF_Studio                "Studio"           <pantry>           (GF)
Group    GF_Garage                "Garage"           <garage>           (GF)
Group    GF_Toilet                "Toilet"           <toilet>           (GF)
Group    GF_Kitchen               "Kitchen"          <kitchen>          (GF)
Group    GF_LaundryRoom           "Laundry Room"     <washingmachine>   (GF)

Group    FF_MasterBedroom         "Master Bedroom"   <bedroom_red>      (FF)
Group    FF_Bedroom               "Bedroom"          <bedroom>          (FF)
Group    FF_Corridor              "Corridor"         <corridor>         (FF)
Group    FF_Office                "Office"           <office>           (FF)
Group    FF_Attic                 "Attic"            <attic>            (FF)

Switch   GF_Hallway_Light1        "Light H1"         <light>            (GF_Hallway, gLight)            {channel="hue:0220:0017887bd52c:10:brightness"}
Switch   GF_Hallway_Light2        "Light H2"         <light>            (GF_Hallway, gLight)            {channel="hue:0220:0017887bd52c:11:brightness"}
Switch   GF_LivingRoom_Light1     "Light Li1"        <light>            (GF_LivingRoom, gLight)         {channel="hue:0220:0017887bd52c:3:brightness"}
Switch   GF_LivingRoom_Light2     "Light Li2"        <light>            (GF_LivingRoom, gLight)         {channel="hue:0220:0017887bd52c:6:brightness"}
Switch   GF_Lounge_Light          "Light Lu"         <light>            (GF_Lounge, gLight)             {channel="hue:0220:0017887bd52c:15:brightness"}
Switch   GF_Patio_Light           "Light P"          <light>            (GF_Patio, gLight)              {channel="hue:0100:0017887bd52c:1:brightness"}
Switch   GF_Studio_Light          "Light S"          <light>            (GF_Studio, gLight)             {channel="hue:0220:0017887bd52c:7:brightness"}
Switch   GF_Garage_Power1         "Power Outlet G1"  <poweroutlet>      (GF_Garage, gPower)             {channel="tplinksmarthome:hs100:85827E:switch"}
Switch   GF_Garage_Power2         "Power Outlet G2"  <poweroutlet>      (GF_Garage, gPower)             {channel="tplinksmarthome:hs100:8D96E7:switch"}
Switch   FF_MasterBedroom_Light1  "Light M1"         <light>            (FF_MasterBedroom, gLight)      {channel="hue:0220:0017887bd52c:5:brightness"}
Switch   FF_MasterBedroom_Light2  "Light M2"         <light>            (FF_MasterBedroom, gLight)      {channel="hue:0220:0017887bd52c:4:brightness"}
Switch   FF_MasterBedroom_Light3  "Light M3"         <light>            (FF_MasterBedroom, gLight)      {channel="hue:0220:0017887bd52c:2:brightness"}
Switch   FF_Bedroom_Light         "Light B"          <light>            (FF_Bedroom, gLight)            {channel="hue:0220:0017887bd52c:13:brightness"}
sitemap tmp label="TMP" {
  Default item=Home

of course - yes that’s sorted it.

Please, don’t mix up openHABian and openHAB!

openHAB version is 2.x (probably 2.3.0) and openHABian version is 1.4.1

Apologies for that - being newbie to the forum I wasn’t aware that there were 2 version number schemes in us. Just curious - is the Raspberry PI functionality the same as the other version ?

  • openHAB = the software that we use to control our home automation

  • openHABian = a collection of scripts to install, configure, and update Raspbian, openHAB, and a variety of optional third party software

openHAB runs on openHABian.