Items file and Virtual Switch ?Alexa?

I use a Virtual switch to keep track of the state of my Garage Door (i.e. Is the Door Open or Closed). The problem is Alexa will not discover the Virtual Switch.

My *.items file includes

Switch Virtual_Door_State “Vir_Door_St” [Switchable]

Can anyone see a problem in my Syntax, that would cause Alexa not to discover?


It should be


And not


Hi Johannes,
At first it did not work, then I tried something very simple

I changed
Switch Virtual_Door_State “Vir_Door_St” [ “Switchable” ]

Switch Virtual_Door_State “Vir_Door_St” [ “Switchable” ]

Those simple little spaces surrounding “Switchable” made the difference and Alexa discovered the Virtual Switch.

Thank You very much.

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