Items file empty after fresh install OH 2.2

Hi all. I was using OH for a a while now with OH 1.9 and was actually happy with it.

Now I upgraded to OH 2 and tried to setup the same I had before. The zwave controler and also the FIBARO RGBW module are detected quite fine and in the “Control” of the Paper UI all parameters and switches are visible. But they are not on the mobile (iOS) all the on off switches for the different channels are missing. Also a rule I had for adjusting the color channels depending on the on off state from one of the channels is not working anymore.

The “items” config file is empty, is that the way it should be on OH2 or am I missing something here? I used the “simple” mode for mapping the items to the things and its all running on a Windows environment.

thx for any hint in the right direction :slight_smile:

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If you are coming from 1.9 I strongly suggest doing a quick review of the Beginner’s Tutorial and the Concepts section of the User’s Guide. Then follow the Migration Tutorial. There are lots of significant new concepts and changed in how things work.

I took a look at it, but as my install was rather small I started over. But is it normal that the detected “things” and “Items” are not written into the config files? And why is there a difference between what I see in “paper UI Controls” and openign it via iOS, why are the switches not visible. I tried the “migration” path as well and I ended up in the same problems.

There is more than just a how to in the tutorial.

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But is it normal that the detected “things” and “Items” are not written into the config files?

For example:

One thing to be aware of is any configuration done in PaperUI or Habmin gets saved to a non-human readable database.

Which is a little out of date actually. Configuration, Things, and Items configured through the UIs gets saved to a JSONDB which is located in userdata and is human readable and editable, but it is not intended to be extend manually add your primary modus operandi.

Because PaperUI is intended to be an adminstration UI and it is only capable of working with those Items and Things which I it had control over. The Control section will only show those Items which are actively linked to a Channel on a Thing. Any Items defined in .items files and any Items not linked to a Channel (i.e. those Items bound to 1.x version bindings and unbound items) will not appear there. The Control tab is mainly useful for testing that the bindings are working.

When using the iOS App, you are accessing your sitemap which you wrote so it will only reflect what you configure it to reflect.

Because you haven’t added the Switch Items to your .sitemap file. It to are looking at the default sitemap file.

Hi Rich,
thx a lot for the explanation, so I guess I need to digg a little deeper to find all the information needed. As the Items are just in the DB (I assumed that already) so lets see. How I can modify those. Same applies to the site map. So all the known config files are empty. So as you mentioned that the jasondb is not made to be modified / extended, means I would need to rebuild the already existing stuff in the config files, or did I got that wrong? :wink:

Just read again trough you answers, which gives me a few additional questions :slight_smile:
What if I did not yet create a sitemap file, shouldn´t it show the same contgrols then as the Paper UI does. It actually does, except the "on off " switches which are visible in the Papar Ui controls, but not on the iOS device.
And is it normal that if I create a “rule” in HABmin that I can´t save it, just if I store the files directly in the filesystem using an external editor, or did I messup somethign in the config itself? If I understood it correctly there is no “Designer” avalable anymore for the sitemap, so that means everythign needs to be coded without a WYSIWYG editor?

Through PaperUI. If PaperUI does not yet support what you need (e.g. tags) user the REST API or Karaf Console. If you need to bond an item to a 1.x version binding you need to use .items files.

Now if you have Simple Mode enabled OH creates Items for you and you do not have the ability to exit them in PaperUI. The Items menu will not even appear.

The sitemap must already be written in a .sitemap file as documented in the User’s Guide.

Not necessarily. It depends on specifically what you are trying to do.

I think it only shows what is in the “Other” location but I don’t really know. The default sitemap is next to useless so I’ve never looked into it closely.

The rule creator built into Habmin had not been updated since OH 1.8 and it does not produce Rules coffee suitable for use in OH 2. I suspect Chris has plans to get back to update it at some point but there are bigger priorities right now.

But that is how it works. You graphically create the rules and it saves a .rules file as if you write it by hand.

Designer had reached end of life. It has been replaced by VSCode with the openHAB extension.

Thx a lot Rich, will install the VsCode and see how far I can get. Thx again fopr all your detailed answers. I guess I just need to invest a little bit more time and research and I should find my wa trough :slight_smile: If might drop additional questions :slight_smile:
Both thumbs up for the great work you are delivering.

Is there a way I can support the whole project? A good project deserves support.

You can read the forum and post help to others and tutorials and examples of stuff that you got working.

As you learn you can contribute to the docs. We are in desperate need of contributions there. Particularly contributions from newer users. Sometimes it is hard for old hats to remember what the new users may not know.

If you are a coder or willing to learn you can contribute to bug fixes or develop a binding.

If you want to financially support the project, see Contributions to the foundation go to pay for running the servers that host this forum,, and such. There is also the where users can post a monetary bounty to try and encourage the developers to fix a specific bug or implement a desired feature.

There are lots of ways to contribute and we welcome all the help we can get. Don’t hesitate to post more questions. As long as you are not expecting us to do it all for you we will usually bend over backwards trying to help you make it work.

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