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I’m using a lot of Xiaomi things. I tried HomeAssistant and Jeedom, and finally adopted OpenHAB which is way better :slight_smile:
I have a working configuration with all my things, including my Philips Light Bulb (token hassle), except for the Xiaomi Universal Remote (i’ll try to make it work later).

Now I begin to work on sitemaps to have a nice UI, and the doc say that I have to create a .item file first.
I don’t understand something: Since everything is already configured, why do I have to create manually a .item file ? Is there a way to create this file from the PaperUI configuration ?

Thanks :wink:

That’s nice to hear!

Of course there is a way via PaperUI.

I guess you configured the Xiaomi Things via PaperUI, which would look something like this
You have already created Items via PaperUI.
If it looks like this
There are no Items linked to the channels. And you need to link items to the channel.
The option “+ Create new item…” will guide you.
The channel even tells you which type of item you need to use for this channel :slight_smile:
The name given to the item like example this one marked.
can be used in a sitemap file.
Something like this.

sitemap demo label="My home automation" {
    Frame label="Demo" {
        Text item=goal_Switch_KickerBlack_Xiaomi_BewegungsmelderStatus

hint: I named this sitemap demo. So you would have to go to the PaperUI tab "Configuration > Services > UI > Basic Ui > Default Sitemap + “demo”, if you want this to be your default sitemap

Thank you very much for this explanation !
Actually, I don’t have any “+” button :

(I use OpenHabianPi)

You have to press the Blue round Button. Which will give you a popup windows :wink:
Did you configure the Things via PaperUI or via. a .things file textual configuration?

Oh OK I found out, it’s the “simple mode” binding which was activated.
I disabled it and not I have the + :slight_smile:

Ahhh the “simple mode” creates items for you and binds/links them to the Thing channels. Which is a nice option for many people.
If you check out the paperui>configuration>items tab you can see all created items.

Yes, you’re right I have everything in the items tab.
Then OK, but now how do I import all this in my .item file ?

No need for that. You can use them already.
If you press on a item inside the paperui > configuration > items tab the heading tells you the item name which can be used in a sitemap. I tried to point this out here

The name given to the item like example this one marked.

can be used in a sitemap file.

Something like this.

sitemap demo label=“My home automation” {
Frame label=“Demo” {
Text item=goal_Switch_KickerBlack_Xiaomi_BewegungsmelderStatus

Nice, I’ll try to make a sitemap file then.
Will I lose everything if I reboot ?

If this happens the openHAB community would have a lot of work to do :smiley: ( code refactoring etc. )
No, this should NOT happen, never ever what so ever.

Thanks for your help man, that’s great !

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Still if you are worried about loss of data. There is a backup function :wink:
Report back if you run into trouble again :slight_smile: