Items in cannot be exposed

I am using IFTTT and openHab from some time. I reinstalled a fresh new openHab on my raspberry pi 3 and everything was working fine. Then, I decided to go to and press DELETE ITEMS AND EVENTS in order to clean the information. Since then (2 days ago) is empty. But my old commands from IFTTT to openHab still working fine.
If I go to Paper UI under Configuration->Services->IO->openHAB Cloud->Configure->Items to Expose, everything looks as I want: 4 options selected.
But If I go to IFTTT I cannot create a new command and the old commands (who are still working) cannot be modified because cannot see any items exposed. I made many reboots since then. Any suggestion?

That is the new normal due to abuse of that feature. The workaround is to host your own Internet cloud server using the code from GitHub.

The Foundation cannot charge for cloud server access and does not have the resources to expand the cloud server capacity. Removing this feature stopped the cloud service from regularly crashing.

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What code from the GitHub?

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I am still trying to install myopenhab on my raspberry pi server.
first I tried
and last
This si very difficult for my level of knowlidge.
Still I have a question: my host server has this web adress
Is it possible to use it like

There is a search function for the forum site that works very well too. Or Google again…