Items list Sorting in Paper UI and Habmin

Is there a way to sort items list in Paper UI and Habmin according to their item names? Currently the sorting is made according to Label Names and it is a headache to find what you are looking for. I made the item names like “Shutter_Kitchen_Node5” and “Light_Office_1” in order to find something easier in 100+ items. However in Paper UI under items, they are sorted according to their Label names, so i have like 10 “Shutter” items and 20 “Light” items. If i try to change the label names according to the item names, then they won’t fit in IOS app. Also, under Habmin items list, the name of the items doesnot appear at all, so i have to click each and every one of them to understand where they belong to.

I know there is filter and search, but is there a sort mechanism in items list that i am not aware of?


Ok, this post is more then 2 years old.
Bu I have exactly the same question.

Is there any option to use Habmin2 with item name istead of item label?