Items not registering in openhab

I have the following items configuration:

Group gPowerHeads
Group gOutlets

Number Temperature  <temperature>  {mysensors="5;1;V_TEMP"}
Number dBattery {mysensors="5;255;I_BATTERY_LEVEL"}

Switch Outlet1_1        "Display Light" <light> {mysensors="4;1;V_STATUS"}
Switch Outlet1_2        "Left Powerhead"        <light> (gPowerHeads,gOutlets)  {mysensors="4;2;V_STATUS"}
Switch Outlet1_3        "Right Powerhead"       <light> (gPowerHeads,gOutlets)  {mysensors="4;3;V_STATUS"}
Switch Outlet1_4        "Empty"                 <light> (gPowerHeads,gOutlets)  {mysensors="4;4;V_STATUS"}
Switch Outlet2-2                                        (gOutlets)              {mysensors="6;1;V_STATUS"}
Switch Outlet2-2                                        (gOutlets)              {mysensors="6;2;V_STATUS"}
Switch Outlet2-3                                        (gOutlets)              {mysensors="6;3;V_STATUS"}
Switch Outlet2-4                                        (gOutlets)              {mysensors="6;4;V_STATUS"}

String Sunrise          "Bermuda sunrise is at [%s]"
String Sunset           "Bermuda sunset is at [%s]"
Switch test

Number sTemperature   "Sump Temperature"                        {mysensors="3;2;V_VAR1"}
Switch sFloat1        "High Float"       <light> (gPowerHeads)   {mysensors="3;3;V_STATUS"}
Switch sFloat2        "Fill Float"       <light> (gPowerHeads)   {mysensors="3;4;V_STATUS"}
Switch sFloat3        "Low Float"       <light> (gPowerHeads)   {mysensors="3;5;V_STATUS"}
Number sBattery         "Sump Battery"                          {mysensors="3;255;I_BATTERY_LEVEL"}

I have 6;1;V_STATUS defined but I’m still getting this message in the log:

2016-11-16 22:20:11.190 [INFO ] [.b.m.internal.MySensorsBinding] - No item configured for "6;1;V_STATUS"
2016-11-16 22:20:11.193 [INFO ] [.b.m.internal.MySensorsBinding] - No item configured for "6;2;V_STATUS"
2016-11-16 22:20:11.195 [INFO ] [.b.m.internal.MySensorsBinding] - No item configured for "6;3;V_STATUS"
2016-11-16 22:20:11.198 [INFO ] [.b.m.internal.MySensorsBinding] - No item configured for "6;4;V_STATUS"

Any ideas on why its not working?

You have two Outlet_2_2 Items. One should be Outlet_2_1.

That’s a good catch! Unfortunately that didn’t help anything. It looks like there is a formatting issue. I copied and pasted an item definition that was working instead of just typing one in manually and suddenly it is working.