Items, sitemap problem

I have an openhabian for several months, my item configuration is manual and automatic with UI paper … Now I’m having a big problem, I can not add more manuals and add sitemap … basically when modifying the file at the reboot I find the old one … even if i completely remove it from the reboot of the raspy i find it again … how is it possible

Hi Giuseppe,

can you please tell us, which files you use? This makes it easier for us to help you.
Also: you change e.g. a sitemap-file and after rebooting your pi, the old file is restored without your changes? Can you describe in a step-by-step way, what you’re doing and what doesn’t come out as expected?

Sounds like the SD card is going down! Usually what you are experiencing refers to a corrupted SD card!

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I’ve already changed 2 sd cards, the first because it suddenly raspy did not start anymore and it was a SD Kingston, replaced with a Samsung EVO that is currently running, and I’m having this problem.

Which SD should I use?

Usually SD cards get corrupted because of intensive writes on the card. No specific brand will help solve this issue, I think you should start looking to configure writing to other external drives connected to your raspberry PI, or even booting from an external drive. Check this:

I think the problem is just the bad card, because of the frequent scripts made by graphana for the persistence of the data.-
Thanks for your help but believe me I missed a full day without results.

Can you send me the help link to install everything on external SSD?

Both by inserting UI papers manually into items, and any other modification to the openhabian system, is not saved. Surely there is a problem in SD.
Thank you.

I already did, check my previous post!