Items suddenly replaced by "code" & Shared folders gone

After a restart of my openhabian (on RPi) I am suddenly confronted with 2 weird things:

  1. I can’t connect to the shared folders anymore (conf and share) (they still do exist)
  2. I suddenly see part of my items replaced by “code”

    I have had my share of SD card corruption and I fear this is again a sign of that.
    Several restarts, clearing of cache did not make the problems disappear permanently. sometimes the items are fixed again, but then problem reappears. Shared folders remain unaccessible
    or is this a known phenomenon that is easy to correct?

All of the illustrated sitemap items happen to be weather binding related. I don’t have suggestions, but that seems to be a clue?

I’ve had similar issues with the wunderground binding just recently started. still have missing icons which I think is a new issue.

Thank you. That is true, but I must admit that this was the ‘weather screen’ :slight_smile:
Didnt check every screen, but the fact that suddenly I cant read the shared folders anymore, made me think it was maybe a card issue

Thank you, apologies for my late reaction, was struck by flue.
I am not using the weatherbinding.
It seems that at least the “replacement by code” has disappeared as spontaneous as it appeared.
sadly though the accessibility of the shared folders never came back

“Issue 1” -cannot connect to my shared folders anymore- is now solved too. It isnt specifically openhab related but it might have been distro related.

gradually I started to suspect if my samba server was at all functional ( try ps -A | grep smbd), so decided to replace it:
1- made a copy of my /etc/samba/smb.conf
2- fully purged samba with sudo apt-get purge samba samba-common
3- reinstalled samba (i did that through Webmin, otherwise do sudo apt-get install samba )
4- open the new /etc/samba/smb.conf file. replace content with previous save.
5 restart samba

Can now access the shared folders again. Then still had to set some permissions and everything was hunky dory again