Items - temperature item with another string value for name

In an Openhab1 sitemap I have the following item
Text item=bm1_temperature label=“Blue Maestro 1 Temperature [%.1f °C]” icon=“bedroom”

It is calling the below number:
Number bm1_temperature “Blue Maestro 1 Temperature [%.1f °C]” (g_temperature,g_bm,g_bm1,g_bm1_temperature) {mqtt="<[mosquitto:e08586c94ef$

This item also has an internal name
String bm1_name “Blue Maestro [%s]” (g_bm_g_bm1) {mqtt="<[mosquitto:e08586c94ef4/name:state:default]"}

Is there something that I can put on the sitemap to display the temperature value, but also the name string of this item in one sitemap item?