Items with a NULL value. Are these dead?

I’ve migrated from 1.x, to 2.x through to 3.x and no doubt brought some mess along for the ride. In a bid to tidy up and clear out, is it (almost) safe to assume ITEMS with NULL values are not actually in use?

I accept some items may have had NULL set specifically, but I am willing to accept the risk as it will allow me to theoretically remove a lot of noise, for what I deem to be low risk.

That said, is there a simple way to remove these items in bulk?

More like newborn and not yet used. Maybe you have a rule that runs once a week, and will give them a meaningful value. “Last month’s energy usage” etc.

Also keep in mind that groups are items and some groups (or many groups if you have set up the semantic model in OH3) will have null values and yet still be “in use”.

If you have kept your items in .items files through the upgrade from 2 to 3, then, no, the only way to delete the items is to go through the text files and delete the lines manually. If you have instead recreated all your items via the MainUI during your upgrade to 3, then it is very easy to select multiple items in the items list page (press the select link in the upper-right corner). The you can delete them all at once with the remove button at the bottom. The UI cannot remove items that are defined in files.

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