Items with multiple command topics (rollershutter sonoff touch 2 channels)

Dear Community, as i haven´t found any helpfull solution yet so i am trying my best here.

I am using a sonoff touch 2 channel controller as a control for my rollershutter. It offers me two command channels i have to use to upper / lower my blinds.

With cmnd/sonoff/POWER1 ON i can lower the blinds and with cmnd/sonoff/POWER2 ON i can upper them again.
Is there any suitable way to define the channels to accept different command topics for up/down ? Or do you know any other nice way to obtain a similar behaviour without loosing the easy possibilites in the GUI later on (auto groups / items)

thank you in advance & beste regards

I assume you are talking about the MQTT2 binding.

I don’t know if there is any way to do this in one Thing, but you could use the publishMQTT Action in a Rule and a proxy Item.

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Create different channels for each topic

But how would you link that to a Switch Item such that ON goes to Channel and OFF goes to the other Channel? That was the part I got stuck on trying to figure this out.

Maybe with a transformation sending an empty payload on each channel
For example on channel for UP don’t transform up and transform other commands to empty