Jablotron - Oasis - local access

In order to optimise in-house processes, i.e. water heating, … based on presence and having Jablotron Oasis (JA-80) alarm system in place (pretty much a PIR sensor in every room) was looking for a way to connect the dots. Based on info from:

wrote a binding that reports PIR sensor status real-time. Setup - one just needs to connect USB from JA-82T to i.e. RPI and place jar into the addons folder. After adding the bridge:

each physical PIR sensor (after being activated by movement) should appear in inbox (via discovery):

so if anybody is interested and has a use-case, please let me know how it goes. Example of one of the PIR sensors:

Source code - not yet production quality, but running it for weeks now and seems to perform as it should …


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