Jar file in openhab/addons not showing up under PaperUI - Configuration - Bindings

Platform: Openhabian/Openhab Release build running on Raspberry Pi 3B+
MacOS 10.14.3 with OpenJDK 1.8.0_202

I have successfully been running a marketplace binding for my Free@Home setup (FreeAtHome). Although, after a firmware update for the system bridge, the openhab binding stopped working (not able to connect to the bridge).

So, after some posts around, I cloned the marketplace git project into Eclipse IDE (there is also a .jar file as part of the marketplace binding confirmed for manual install). I think I have managed to adjust the source code to enable bridge connection again (although not fully tested), and I have a working Eclipse IDE project (without problems).

I have followed a lot of threads how to “manually install/run bindings”, but even though exporting jar file from Eclipse, installing jar file to openhab/addons (including reboot etc), my customized binding will not show up under PaperUI - Configurations - Bindings.


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Cannot help, but have spent few evenings trying to figure out the same: why my addon isn’t visible in Paper UI.