Jasco ZW4006

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Rasp PI
    • OS: what OS is used and which version
    • Java Runtime Environment: which java platform is used and what version
    • openHAB version: 2.4

I am starting to get discouraged. I have really been having a tough time just getting everything working.

The Jasco ZW4006 Motion switches are my latest problem. I cant seem to get the motion detection working. I have the latest snapshop 2.4 I think. I use the Openhabian set-up tool.

Here is my item setup:

Switch ML_PowderRoom_Switch “Powder Room Lights” (ML,ML_PowderRoom,LIGHTING) {channel=“zwave:device:f09132aa:node61:switch_binary”}
Switch ML_PowderRoom_Switch1 “Powder Room Lights1” (ML,ML_PowderRoom,LIGHTING) {channel=“zwave:device:f09132aa:node61:switch_binary1”}
Switch ML_PowderRoom_Sensor “Powder Room Sensor” (ML,ML_PowderRoom,LIGHTING) {channel=“zwave:device:f09132aa:node61:sensor_binary”}
Switch ML_PowderRoom_Sensor_Enable “Powder Room Sensor Enable” (ML,ML_PowderRoom,LIGHTING) {channel=“zwave:device:f09132aa:node61:config_decimal_param6”}
Switch ML_PowderRoom_Alarm “Powder Room Alarm” (ML_PowderRoom) {channel=“zwave:device:f09132aa:node61:alarm_motion”}
Switch ML_PowderRoom_Alarm2 “Powder Room Alarm2” (ML_PowderRoom) {channel=“zwave:device:f09132aa:node61:alarm_motion2”}

The Alarms never get any updates. Ive read some stuff about the 4006 device database entry may be bad, but I have no idea how to even find this XML file.

I agree it can be very frustrating when you can’t get zwave devices working.

The database entry for the Jasco ZW4006 is here. Pehaps you can compare the functionality defined in the manual with the database entry to make sure the database entry is correct.

Thanks. I got motion detected using the following item entry:
Switch BS_Storage_Alarm “Storage Alarm2” (BS_BS_Storage) {channel=“zwave:device:f09132aa:node59:alarm_burglar2”}

This channel seems to work. It sets the state to OFF when motion is detected. The channel without the “2” on the end does nothing. Why does it exist? This puzzle solving aspect of OpenHab is maybe too challenging and time consuming for me. Thanks again. I’m still plugging away.

I’m sorry for your frustration. The Alarm channel on the root endpoint shows as Deprecated in the database (as does the Switch channel on the root endpoint), so that probably explains why it’s not working. Perhaps that should be deleted?

@chris What’s the guideline for Deprecated channels?

The ZWAVE device entry is as follows:
The following table summarises the channels available for the 26931/ZW4006 -:

Channel Name Channel ID Channel Type Category Item Type
Switch [Deprecated] switch_binary switch_binary Switch Switch
Scene Number scene_number scene_number Number
Binary Sensor sensor_binary sensor_binary Switch
Motion Sensor Enable config_decimal config_decimal Number
Operation Mode config_decimal config_decimal Number
Motion Alarm [Deprecated] alarm_motion alarm_motion Motion Switch
Switch 1 switch_binary1 switch_binary Switch Switch
Motion Alarm alarm_motion2 alarm_motion Motion Switch

The database link you provided is neat, but alarm_burglar2 doesn’t even occur in it, so I am not clear how I am supposed to use it. I guess I am still missing some essential concepts.

I have this working. Thanks.


This way users using the old channel have a chance to switch to the new channel without needing to ask in the forum why their device is not working anymore

The database entry was changed on 20190101 from alarm_burglar to alarm_motion:

“type”: “alarm_burglar”,
“label”: “Alarm (burglar)”,

“type”: “alarm_motion”,
“label”: “Motion Alarm”,
“config”: [

If you are using an older binding version you still have the alarm_burglar channels. If you are on a newer binding version you need to delete the Thing and readd it to pick up the database changes.

Deprecated channels should still work - they just have the word “deprecated” appended to the end of the name, and at some point in future, they may be removed. Generally, this was added to the database to allow channels to be marked as a kind of “don’t use” indicator and it’s normally used when the binding doesn’t configure something automatically, or for example when there are two switches (one in the root endpoint, and one in another endpoint) to direct people which ones should work.


I have removed and re-added the thing several times. I am using the alarm_burglar channels because that the only way I can make it work. I am using the Openhabian set-up and it says I have the latest version. 2.4.0.

I thought this was the way to get the most recent database. And I thought I read that the dabases is bound to the version of openhab setup.

It is - so your database is from the 2.4 release.

No - this statement is inconsistent with the one you make above about the most recent database. 2.4 is about 6 months old, and as you already stated, the database is bound to the version of openhab, so that means your database is also 6 months old.


I appear to be running 2.4.0-1. I am using the openhabian config tool.
I have run upgrade system and Openhab Stable.

After this, I am at version 2.4.0-1. How can I get the latest device database?


You need to be using the latest binding. The database is compiled into the binding, so as mentioned previously, if you are using 2.4, then the database in that binding is about 6 or 7 months old.

What version should I be running? Is there a way to tell openhabian what version I want to install?

The latest version is 2.5-SNAPSHOT

Sorry - I’m not familiar with openhabian.


Uninstall the 2.4 binding, drop the jar from the link to your addons folder.You may need to restart openHAB. To pick up database changes you need to delete your device Thing and readd it.

Ok. Thanks. Was able to use the Openhabian config tool to install what is now 2.5.0-SNAPSHOT.

I removed and reinstalled one of the JASCO ZW4006 motion switches.

It appears that channel labeled Switch / switch_binary is deprecated, there is a Switch 1 / switch_binary1 there. Why would the author deprecate “Switch” and implement “Switch1”?

Likewise motion_alarm is deprecated, but we have motion_alarm2 - both labeled Motion Alarm.

So… I suppose I now need to remove / replace all of the ZW4006 things and re-write my code to use the channel motion_alarm2 instead of the previously working alarm_burglar2.

I just gotta say… This stuff kind of scares me from this platform.

I removed and replace one of the JASCO ZW4006 things.

I linked every channel to an item. I checked all of the configuration parameters.

I updated to 2.5.0.

Now I can’t communicate with ZWAVE devices at all. Plus I have all kind of new errors such as
2019-06-16 18:02:43.789 [ERROR] [lmessage.RequestNodeInfoMessageClass] - Request node info not placed on stack due to error.

2019-06-16 18:02:44.044 [ERROR] [lmessage.RequestNodeInfoMessageClass] - Request node info not placed on stack due to error.

2019-06-16 18:03:22.567 [ERROR] [core.karaf.internal.FeatureInstaller] - Failed installing ‘openhab-misc-restdocs, openhab-action-mqtt, openhab-voice-Anna’

This whole thing just maybe over my head.

Thanks for any help. I’m just stuck.

Now I have a new error.

2019-06-16 18:29:20.749 [ERROR] [WaveSerialHandler$ZWaveReceiveThread] - Exception during ZWave thread.

Could this be why nothing is working?


I removed and re-added all ZWAVE things including the controller.

I have added a few items. It’s crazy. I operate an item using PAPER UI. The logs make it look like the thing/item is working - but nothing actually works. Gotta stop and get away from this crazyness.

Bad idea. You have updated not just the zwave binding, but the whole openHAB core. Due to a lot of changes in the core and the build system this is not recommended at the moment.

The answer is in this thread, just above one of your questions:

If you are using the recommended Visual Studio Code editor this takes about 5 seconds …

What does that mean? Your items don’t get updated in the events.log? Your sitemap does not get updated? Did you restart openHAB after the upgrade?

I would recommend to use the 2.5M1 Milestone build and not a recent snapshot until the next Milestone (M2) is available.