Java error / full system freeze

Graph looks good but that is to be expected when everything is disabled. When you do work out which binding it is, also disable any rules that use that binding as it may be a poorly written rule that has stopped because the trigger for the rule never occurs when you disable the binding.

Thanks. I have stopped every thing, also the rules. Below picture is only with MQTT broker on + two MQTT data import things (Weather data and flow import). Other items are off. I have added a red line to show the HEAP growt. Is this correct?

Another day. I do see still a decrease of heap volume. It is very small. Is below picture still okay?

Please find below picture. In two day’s my heap volume increases from 87 to 95. Is this a normal increase

What I have done:

  • Disabled all rules and things
  • Enabled the MQTT broker and started one import data thing

If I enable all things the heap volume increases much faster. What kind of problem do I have? I am considering to do a fresh OpenHab install :frowning:

Based on @matt1’s responses, the heap should grow slowly over time until garbage collection. The question I have is, how long have you gone without the Java heap space error you originally reported?

If it’s been more than 4-5 days, you can probably enable more bindings (one at a time) to see if the heap increase speeds up. However, I’ll defer to @matt1, who knows much more about this than I do.

The graph can go up slightly as there are multiple types
Of garbage collection and the older generation GC is not run as often. I don’t see it very useful running a system that has everything disabled for days, just disable one binding/addon per day or while you sleep and see if the graph changes and then move to the next one. Enable the previous one once you rule it out.

Thanks! Haven’t seen the heap space error, because i restarted the OH service multiple times. I will turn on every day a new binding and see what happens

True… will follow this apprach. Thanks