JavaScript cannot attach file to email

Does this mean every time there is an upgrade I will have to go through and change all my rules? or it was because I removed and re-installed the binding?
I had about 10 rules (I din’t think I used it that much) I had to change.
All good now though.
I just cd to /var/lib/openhab/jsondb
grep 1032da1f *
Then less automation_rules.json
Then searched for 1032da1f in that file and found the rules to change.
Then I changed the rules via the UI.

If I have to re-install the binding again after removing I will have to remember to make the new binding the same as the old binding UUID. E.G mail:smtp:a514b96247 and if I do that then I won’t have to go and change all my rules.

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You could give your Thing a memorable name when you first create it, like
and use that in your rules. As you say, if you re-use the same UID when some circumstance forces you to create a new Thing, then it will “re-attach” to existing rules and Items.
You can’t edit the UID, only choose at moment of creation.

Yes I thought of this AFTER I went through all the rules and changed them. :sob:

Method names reference here: openhab-addons/ at main · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub

In summary, as of 2021-07-22:

Command Arguments
sendMail; sendHtmlMail String recipient, String subject, String text
sendMailWithAttachment; sendHtmlMailWithAttachment String recipient, String subject, String text, String url
sendMailWithAttachments; sendHtmlMailWithAttachments String recipient, String subject, String text, List<String> urlList
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