Javascript rule helper libraries

As I am moving my rules to Javascript, and created some helper libraries on the way, I decided to pretty them up and make them available to everyone.
My development is based on the openHAB Helper Libraries, so I hopefully did not re-invent every existing wheel. :slight_smile:

The two libraries I came up so far are logger.js (logging and push notifications) and timer.js (countdown timer).
Both libraries’ intention is to be easy to use but also provide some customization for the expert. Especially logger.js provides something in that regard, but it is at the same time just one way to approach the logging topic and might not be for everyone.

The sources, detailed descriptions and instructions can be found here:


Why don’t you submit these as PRs to the helper library repo? The logger.js looks to have some overlap with existing core functionality, so maybe this could all be pulled out to a separate core library. The timer.js could go into the community section. It would be the first one submitted for JS!

If you do, please be patient with me… my time is very limited right now, and I have a large backlog of PRs piling up that I need to review.


I’ll second Scott’s request. If we all help build up the one helper library instead of each of us releasing our own we are much better able to build upon each other’s work and users will have only one place to look.

We definitely can use some submissions for JavaScript.

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That would be fine with me.
As the 2 libraries are right now, they both would need to go into the community section. So I will first work on the logger to become a core library and then it should only be a minor adjustment for the timer to work with the new core logger.