JDBC-mysql needs to get installed every time after OH restart

Hi there, I am very much struggling with the jdbc-mysql database driver for OH 3.0.1. My log shows the following problem with the driver leading to a working db connection for the actual session once the driver gets installed. Tables and entries are created during the session.

However, whenever OH gets restarted, no db driver is shown as installed. the persistence entry in addons.cfg is filled with “jdbc-mysql” when the driver gets installed but is empty after OH restart.

2021-03-22 01:37:56.708 [INFO ] [persistence.jdbc.internal.JdbcMapper] - JDBC::openConnection: Driver is available::Yank setupDataSource
2021-03-22 01:37:56.733 [WARN ] [.zaxxer.hikari.util.DriverDataSource] - Registered driver with driverClassName=com.mysql.jdbc.Driver was not found, trying direct instantiation.

System is OH 3.0.1 on docker, database is mysql 5.7.33 on docker. After hours of trying to upgrade from 2.5.12, I made a fresh install. Still the issue remains.
Is this a problem with OH3.0.1 only and is probably mitigated with OH 3.1M2?

Answering myself:
The “addons.cfg” in the services directory had an entry

persistence =

This obviously deleted my persistence settings every time I restarted OH. Persistence configuration has been done via GUI.