Jdbc persistence crashing

I’m running OH2.2 (release version) on a Synology DS214play. Since installing the release version, I’ve had the persistence crash overnight each night when the NAS is backing up to elsewhere (OH logs show SQL requests timing out), but this didn’t happen on many of the pre-release builds of 2.2 I installed.

I have to stop and restart openhab each morning to get the persistence back.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how I might stop it crashing, or how I can have it restart, please?

Thanks in advance.

“crashing” sounds bad. You should post the error log.

More correct from the logs would be “Connection is not available, request timed out”. From looking a bit deeper deeper and checking the mysql tables I can see that when the backups have finished the persistence is resuming OK.

The problem seems to actually be with the chart servlet, with a “I/O error writing PNG file”, which it doesn’t seem to recover from. I’ll have a search around for a solution to that.

Apologies for having raised a wrong issue.