Jeelink USB cannot find any sensors after upgrade to OH4

I just upgraded from OH3 to OH4 and my jeelink usb cannot find any sensors anymore
I was using the TX25 and TX29 sensor a long time with OH3 without any problems

  • ttyUSB0 is there and file lock will be created after starting the bridge
  • bridge is online on ttyUSB0
  • trace shows scanning (after pressing SCAN button) process for new sensors - nothing found
  • I tried to removed and reinstall the binding
  • after 10 Minutes the trace shows unsuccessful reconnect tries of the jeelink brigde (usb already in use)
    → something is totally wrong? Do I need some init commands for the binding?

Any help is more than welcome.

Found it. The Cux Daemon running in the pivccu (Homatic CCU3) is capturing the ttyUSB0 device.
That can be disabled there by using TTYASSIGN=ttyUSB0:NC in the Cux Daemon Config