Jeelink via openwrt

The jeelink binding says it supports jeelinks via tcp. I assume this should be done via ser2net?
Has anyone connected a jeelink to a openwrt router? Any hints how to configure this?

If someone else tries to do this, here is how it works for me:

Install ser2net on the openwrt system. And add this to /etc/config/ser2net

config proxy                 
        option enabled 1 
        option port 5002            
        option protocol raw   
        option timeout 0 
        option device '/dev/ttyUSB0'
        option baudrate 57600 
        option databits 8
        option parity 'none'
        option stopbits 1

Then change your jeelink thing to tcp/ip and set the correct ip and port (5002 see above).