Jessie vs openhabian

There are many tools, compilers (gcc linaro) and etc. build for raspbian-jessie, are those compatible with openhabian?

I am planning to move some QT5 services from Raspbian-Jessie to openhabian, will they work?

I am still deciding whether i should stick to jessie instead of openhabian. Thanks

openHABian is based on Raspbian (Debian Jessie) so you won’t have any problems with these tools.

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I understand that an effort has been made to make it easier for beginners to start out with OH2 by creating the openHABian image.

However, I have not tried it, and most likely won’'t, as I rather stick to established standards.

apt-get (on Jessie) is what works for me; I do not have to wonder when something does not work, whether it is related to openHABian or not. As such I prefer a ‘standard’ distribution and work my way through it to get OH installed.

I have openhabian and it is basically Jessie with openhab and mosquitto already installed, but other than that it is just Jessie

Just to be clear, openHABian is standard raspbian jessie with some scripts and menus built to install and configure stuff to make OH work. You can still do the same as on standard Jessie with apt-get et al.

I’m not arguing against your approach. I just don’t want people to think openHABian is some weird custom distro that breaks conventions or the like.


I appreciate the reply… I respect the effort of the community, specifically some individuals who go the extra mile… I also worded my reply carefully…

Maybe (and I am not sure, whether it is already the case) that the openHABian documentation states that this is a standard Jessie image with this list of changes, also stating which has no adverse impact on the distribution as a whole. Then I might chose it and promote it.

In any case, thank you for the clarification.