Jfrog repo is down, can't install OH nor add-ons

it’s up to you, it’s not addon repo for me… as i have it as main openhab install release channel … :wink:

I need this file too. Can you help me, please

I’m trying to build the addons from source but am having issues because Maven is attempting to fetch pom files from openhab.jfrog.io. I’m not super familiar with Maven, can anybody help me disable openhab-snapshot and fetch dependencies just from maven.org?


For a first workaround you can find the kar files uploaded in the distro release notes for now.
(Scroll to the bottom Assets section.)

Stable: Release openHAB 3.3.0 · openhab/openhab-distro · GitHub

3.4.0 Milestone 2: https://github.com/openhab/openhab-distro/releases/tag/3.4.0.M2

Dan will give a short update on this later.


Great, thanks for the link.
Where do I put the kar file? /openhab/addons/ ? (I’m running the docker container)

Hi Dan,
Is there nothing else to do? 2 days outage (sofar) is crazy.

Thank you much

Hi, is there any way to clean install openhabian on RPi 4B 4GB without jfrog? My whole house is dead and it’s very stressful (especially the WAF). Of course it’s my fault because I didn’t have a robust card backup. Fortunately I have backup configurations.

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Ha, same here! power meter for my solar panels started sparking so I quickly shut of the mains. No graceful shutdown of OH on my pi :frowning:
Managed to boot again after trying to fix corruption under linux but OH not completely running. No smarthome at the moment…and a pretty long downtime!


When I check the jfrog status only 1 region is down (US East1), isnt there a way to move the repo to an other region?


Here in Europe (Italy) it does not work too. No chance to connect to the repo.


It is still down in Europe. When doing the curl request an error 504 comes up, so something is wrong in their nginx config or their backend.

Sent them an email, no response.

Would it be possible to move to a reliable company? Quite sure no one would object to paying a few bucks to have something decent, not jfrog.

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I agree! Because I am completely helpless at the moment. I’m thinking of trying Hassio again…

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I feel the pain of many in this thread, I too made the mistake of updating without a backup a few days ago, then was unable to fetch updated addons when I rebooted. I’ve had a non-functioning OpenHAB since.

I’ve tried placing the addons kar on the local filesystem but OpenHAB is complaining in the logs that the bindings are missing. I didn’t have time to investigate further at the time but will pick it back up this evening.

Fingers crossed we see some life in jfrog soon.

You need to put it into the right folder. What the right folder is depends on how you are installed.

Why not move the repo to something decent, NOT jfrog? Even my home repo is more stable than jfrogs…

Sorry, I should’ve been clearer. I placed it in /usr/share/openhab/addons, which I presume is the correct location based off of the README inside that folder.

You probably need to restart OH after putting the kar file there too.

Yeah I did restart it, where without the kar file being present I was seeing timeouts when attempting to fetch the necessary assets, I’m not seeing them in the logs any more which suggests to me that it has found the addons kar.

However what I am now seeing in the logs is entries like this:

2022-09-16 14:53:16.678 [WARN ] [core.karaf.internal.FeatureInstaller] - The binding add-on 'zwave' does not exist - ignoring it.
2022-09-16 14:53:16.716 [WARN ] [core.karaf.internal.FeatureInstaller] - The misc add-on 'openhabcloud' does not exist - ignoring it.

Is there a way to install openHAB 3 and without repositories please?