Jmdns ServiceInfo does not contain server name

I am still working on the volumio2 binding and it seems that there’s a problem with the mdns discovery of Volumio things.

I´ve implemented a discovery participant and the function createResult is touched. As soon as this function is run I print out the serviceInfo to the log file. It´s actually looking like this…

    public String getServiceType() {
        return "_Volumio._tcp.local.";

    public DiscoveryResult createResult(ServiceInfo service) {
        logger.debug("Volumio2: {}", service);

        DiscoveryResult result = null;
        ThingUID uid = getThingUID(service);

        if (Objects.nonNull(uid)) {
            logger.debug("Got UID: {}", uid);

and output inside the log file looks like this:

21:22:07.188 [DEBUG] [iscovery.Volumio2DiscoveryParticipant] - Volumio2: [ServiceInfoImpl@1178175206 name: 'devmusic._Volumio._tcp.local.' address: '(null):3000' status: 'NO DNS state: probing 1 task: null', has NO data, empty]

The strange thing is the address and the status. I found no further infos on googling or searching the forums…

I am developing on mac os … but that was never a problem up to now. Has anyone else experienced this behaviour?

I´ve done a little research on the jmdns library and just found out… that the response is normal as long as the service is not fully resolved. Still need to fiddle out… what that means for me…