Join us at the Smart Home Day 2018 in Ludwigsburg on Oct 21!

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(DIY HA) #3

Hi Kai,

Has such event happened in other countries before? I would be happy to host such an event here in India. We will help with Visa processing. :slight_smile:


(Kai Kreuzer) #4

Hey Ganesh,

I am sure there is quite a huge openHAB community in India, so having such events would definitely be nice! So far, I am not aware of anything similar in the past. My suggestion would be to create a new topic similar to U.S. Meetups for openHAB so that people can provide feedback for that idea.


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Hi all,

I’d like to point out that directly before the Smart Home Day, on 19th and 20th October, there will be interesting openHAB and Smart Home/Building events in Stuttgart which is just 15 minutes by train or 20 minutes by car away from Ludwigsburg. Take look at Smart Public Building for more information. Personally, I’ll host a full-day binding developer workshop on 20th October organized by the HFT Stuttgart where you can learn how to develop new openHAB bindings (or improve existing ones)! But there will also be a (German) user workshop hosted by Marianne Spiller, author of the book Smart Home mit openHAB 2 for openHAB newcomers who want to learn more about openHAB, as well as many interesting speeches. Please note that those events are free of charge, but you have to register for them as space is limited here as well.

I’ll be there on all three days (19th - 21th October), looking forward to see some of you!

Best Regards,

(Udo) #8

I would like to participate, but I can’t.

…is there a chance to get some summary, feedback, livestream…?

(Thomas Bail) #9

livestream yeah that will do the trick

(Kai Kreuzer) #10

Note that the event on 19th/20th is not related to the Smart Home Day or EclipseCon, but organised and hosted by the HfT Stuttgart.
For the Smart Home Day, we plan to have recordings of the talks (as we had last year already). The event(s) at HfT won’t be recorded afaik.

(Markus Storm) #11

will there be another ‘warmup’ meeting this saturday evening ?

(Hans-Jörg Merk) #12

I think so, David and myself will arive about 19:00 at the Hotel to meet with Kai, so feel free to join us…

(Martin van Wingerden) #13

@wborn @hilbrand and me will be there around 1500 so we can even join diner plans if there are any…

(Hans-Jörg Merk) #14

Dinner souds great, see you later guys👍

(Christoph Weitkamp) #15

I am in too. Will arrive in Stuttgart at 3 o’clock and visit the developer workshop to meet @pfink. Let me know where you are going to have lunch. Will join you later. C U.

(Angelos) #16

Too bad that I can’t join (also this year :frowning:)
I wish you all the best and have fun!
Waiting for pictures and videos after the event!

(Kai Kreuzer) #17

Just tried to reserve a table at Kullmanns, where we were last year and which is next door to the hotel - unfortunately they told me that there’s a basketball game tonight and that they are completely full. They recommended “Blauer Engel” (10 minutes walk from hotel), they do not take any reservations. So if we are early enough, we should be able to get a table there. So if anyone wants to have an early dinner, go there and grab a table for us. I’ll plan to be there no later than 7pm.

(George Erhan) #18

Beat you to the “Bier vor Vier!” :sunglasses:
I’ll try to keep some for you guys! Hurry up!

(Martin van Wingerden) #19

@george.erhan where are you drinking?

(George Erhan) #20

Not at Kullman’s anymore! Meet you at the hotel in 15 minutes?

(Martin van Wingerden) #21

We will meet at the hotel ‘bar’, I assume ibis?