Joinspace for newer units

I’m super new here so hopefully someone can help.

I’m trying to add my tv in to openhab using the jointspace bindings. All was going well but the thing won’t work!
After trawling through a whole lot of stuff i have figured out that it is failing because it is sending commands to /1/ instead of the revised /5/ which jointspace uses e.g 192.168.1.x:1925/1/audio/volume instead of 192.168.1.x:1925/5/audio/volume. Having been using this for all of about 3 hours i have no idea how to create/modify the existing bindings.
Does anybody know if a newer version is being created? If not could somebody help me out and modify the existing one? It really cant just be me stuck with this!

Same problem with my TV, The only difference is that my is on /6/ instead of /1/.
As far I understand the simple solution will be to change the fixt 1 to a variable and put it in to the config file…
The only problem is that i can’t find the original source code and where is located/installed.

Can anybody help with that?