JRule - OpenHAB Rules using Java

I’ve just built a BETA12 release. This release includes a major refactoring of items and how to send commands to items by Seime.

Major refactoring by seime #42

  • Replaces the templating mechanism with Freemarker, mainly to allow more advanced constructs such as loops - and to avoid all the repetitive code in the template files
  • Generates a new file Items.java which looks a bit like public class Items { public static MySwitchItem SwitchItem = JRuleItemRegistry.get(“MySwitchItem”, MySwitchItem.class); public static MyStringItem StringItem = JRuleItemRegistry.get(“MyStringItem”, MyStringItem.class); }
  • Adds a skeleton support for LocationItem (which was missing)
  • Adds a new field LABEL (item label)
  • Adds a few convenience methods such as getLabel() and getName()
  • Adds more typing of Group items

You will likely have to refactor your rules to use these new way of accessing items.
See example 30 in the documentation on github.


Found some issues with groups. Will build a new release shortly.

Best regards s