JS Rule catch error

It depends on your keyboard and operating system. It’s in the description in the UI so I usually just copy and paste it from there as I create the Thing in the UI.

It’s the standard math intersection character so it’s part of unicode (U+2229 to be precise).

Since you were not using it before, that isn’t the cause of the warning.

I have now the following in my config

Thing http:url:deye "Deye Inverter" [
    authMode = "BASIC",
    ignoreSSLErrors = true,
    stateMethod= "GET",
    refresh= 60,
    commandMethod= "GET",
    timeout= 3000,
    bufferSize= 2048,
    refresh=15] {
         Type number : energyTotal "Energy Total" [ mode="READONLY", stateTransformation="REGEX:(.webdata_total_e.)∩REGEX:.*var webdata_total_e = \"([0-9]+[\\.][0-9]+).*∩JS: |>
         Type number : currentPower "current Power" [ mode="READONLY", stateTransformation="REGEX:.*var webdata_now_p = \"([0-9]+).*"]

but still getting this error

2024-06-08 21:23:50.347 [WARN ] [penhab.core.config.core.ConfigParser] - Conversion of value '' with type 'class java.lang.String' to 'class java.util.ArrayList' failed. Returning null

It’s a warning, not an error so probably not something you have to fix.

It’s saying you have an empty string where an array is expected.