JSONPATH problem

I still can’t understand or correct this error in my log file:

Failed transforming the state 'NULL' on item 'mqttSonoff7state' with pattern 'JSONPATH ($. Wifi.RSSI):% s %%': Invalid path '$ .Wifi.RSSI' in 'NULL%'

the item:

String mqttSonoff7state "SOnOff 7 [JSONPATH ($. Wifi.RSSI):% s %%]" {mqtt = "<[mosquitto: tele / shelly-studio / STATE: state: default]"}

It’s a mass of space problems. :wink:

Just remove the space between “.” and “Wifi”. While you are at it, remove the space between “%” and “s” as well. Another additional space is to be removed between “JSONPATH” and “(”. Remove all spaces inside the curly brackets.

thanks. I made the correction and follow the log, i see waths happen