JSONPATH transformation multiple results warming after OH2 update from build1073 to 1216?

I updated my OpenHabian, on a PI3B, setup from OH2 build 1073 to build 1216 and now my JSONPATH transformation doesn’t allow me to use a JSONPATH with multiple results to be joined.

The JSON data

rData = {"Time":"2018-02-07T15:17:12","DS18x20":{"DS1":{"Type":"DS18B20","Address":"28FF96CFA11605E4","Temperature":64.44},"DS2":{"Type":"DS18B20","Address":"28FFBB97A416045F","Temperature":54.81}},"AM2301":{"Temperature":26.90,"Humidity":28.30}, "Client":"DVES_AC7A4C","TempUnit":"C"}
var T2 = transform("JSONPATH", "$.DS18x20..Address", rData)

this result in this warming and returns the value NULL

[WARN ] [ternal.JSonPathTransformationService] - JsonPath expressions with more than one result are not allowed, please adapt your selector. Result: ["28FF4CBFA41604C4","28FF1E7FA116035D","28FF1597A41604CE"]

Is there a change in the code or is this a configuration issue in the new build? I could not find any description about it in the documentation and also on this forum i could not find anything related.

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