JSR223 - Best way to share code snippets and/or libraries

Hi have started using JSR223 for openHAB2, despite the early stage of it, I think it is a great enhancement of openHAB2. Still I think it would become a even better tool if there could be some kind of option to share libraries. I asked the same in another thread, and it was suggested that I start a new thread and that I tagged @Kai for a discussion about this. The other thread is here:


I believe right now @steve1 and @Spaceman_Spiff maintain their own github repos with Jython libraries (if you are going to use JSR233 I highly recommend looking at their libraries).

Ultimately, I think the vision is that we will be able to post libraries and code snippets to the IoT Marketplace so they can easily be found and installed through PaperUI. I don’t know if it is ready for this yet.

Finally, if it is just a snippet, enhancements to the JSR233 docs and new postings in the Examples and Tutorials categories would be useful in the mean time.

I have already looked at @steve1 library (and is actually using it).

That would be really nice…