[JSR223] Spyder(IDE) + Libraries using Jython


I am using spyder as a Python IDE and therefore I am using it with Jython for openhab, too.
Always being fond of the concept of libraries I quickly created a library folder for my jython scripts.
To make them usable from the scripts folder the path has to be added to the startup arguments of openhab,
e.g. add -Dpython.path="configurations/scripts/lib" to use libraries in the lib- folder.
Unfortunately the libraries were not automatically found from the spyder-IDE.
I just figured out how to include them:

  1. Go to the PYTHONPATH manager:

  2. Add the path to your lib-folder

  3. Enjoy writing rules with automatic syntax check, code completion, etc.

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Cool. I’ve been using PyCharm CE for openHAB Jython development (and other Python development) and it works very well too.