JSR223: Trigger Parameter


just out of curiosity:
Why is the amount of parameters for the UpdatedEventTrigger different thant for the ChangedEventTrigger?

ChangedEventTrigger("test", None, None),

The first one is clearly the item name. That are the others?
Where can I look up the ammount of parameters needed?

The ChangedEventTrigger can optionally specify a “from state” and “to state”. You’d use this if you only want to trigger on a change from OFF to ON, for example, but not from ON to OFF. The UpdatedEventTrigger is fired on every state update (even if the update is the same as the current value) so the “from” and “to” states are not relevant.

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I want to trigger when the Item changes to 1.
I am trying this

ChangedEventTrigger("Wohnzimmer_Balkontuere_Alarm", None, 1)

but this gives me errors. What am I doing wrong?

This works:

ChangedEventTrigger("Wohnzimmer_Balkontuere_Alarm", None,