Jump from sitemap to sitemap


I’m new to Openhab version2 (on windows).
I build some different sitemaps to setup some structure.
But i can’t jump to them.

In my items file we have

String LinkVerlichting "<a href='http://localhost:8080/basicui/app?sitemap=Verlichting>Verlichting</a>"

In my default sitemap we have

	Frame label="Verlichting" {
		Text item=LinkVerlichting

I don’t get a clicable text item on my sitemap so i can’t test it! please help


The string item is:
String LinkVerlichting “Verlichting

This might help

but maybe not on all UI

It might be worth mentioning that what you are trying to accomplish is not a valid use case to begin with. Individual sitmaps are not supposed to be used as part of your automation hierarchy. Instead use nested elements in sitemap to achieve whatever you want to cascade behind an element.

Hello from my side,

i have the following code set up:
item definition:
String lzcon > "<a href=''>Systemsteuerung 11</a>"

sitemap Sample:
Frame label=“System” {
Text item=lzsec icon=“left”

Is your statement still valid? I am in the migration process from openhab 1.8.3 to the latest openhab 2 version. My running openhab 1.8.3 system has grown up a lot since 3 years and to ease the use of the system I have diverse .sitemaps created to keep the corresponding sitemaps handy in size and clear in functions.
Additionally I use the linking between sitemaps to switch between 2 different openhab systems with different automation focus.

So if there is no way in openhab 2 to realize a link in a sitemap to switch to a different sitemap is there any alternative?