JUnit 5.x?

Hey Developers,

are there any plans to update the JUnit library to version 5.x in openhab or addons?

There are no blockers for plain unit tests (you can pull jupiter api even now), but integration tests are not yet supported.
There was (not sure if it still is) long standing issue in JUnit project github about support for OSGi however project team declared it was not important.
It was fixed last November and nit promoted to many projects.

OSGi metadata has been added to the JUnit 5.6.0 artifacts.

There’s also JUnit 5 support in the Bnd 5.0.0. Though at the bottom of that page you’ll also see there is an issue that bnd 5.0.0 doesn’t work with JUnit 5.6.0. :confounded:

It’s probably best to upgrade to JUnit 5 / Bnd 5.x in OH3 so we can use the same versions in all projects and not risk any stability with the OH 2.5 releases.

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FYI I just created some PRs for using JUnit 5:

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