Just a few things holding me back from openHAB 2!

Progress! I have almost everything working in openHAB 2 and just have a few things keeping me from migrating.

The second issue I have is zwave, I have almost two dozen thermostats and configuring them along with refresh interval, F rather then C, etc with GUI is just way to time consuming. I know there are plans on being able to configure things in text files, but today that is not an option. The 1x binding does work in openHAB 2, but without habmin I have no way of seeing when devices fail.

It looks like the Autelis 1x binding does not work in openHAB 2 and the 2x binding does not support variable speed pumps and chlorination.

Have not had time to dig into this one, but whats up with the nest binding? It says it’s a 1.x binding, but it does not look like it is taking settings from config/services/nest.cfg

The last issue is not a deal breaker, but is quite annoying is that I can’t log persistence bindings, I think I read somewhere that the issue is related to moving to the new log system in openHAB 2, but I am not sure.